Anastasia Cream Contour Kit

Good morning my loves,

We all know that Anastasia is the queen of the beauty industry. I love all of her products and she never seems to disappoint.Let me introduce to you her latest contour cream kit, though this really needs no introduction. Say hello to this bad boy! I cannot tell you all how excited i was to get the anastasia contour cream kit ($40 sephora), especially being dry skinned, I felt like I needed to try these creams out.  I was literally obsessing about it to friends for a few days before deciding to finally purchase it. Let me start out by saying i have never tried cream contour before, so this was very different for me. I got the ‘light’ kit, but they also have a few other selections. The packaging is very simple yet beautiful! The Light Kit includes shades Fair, Neutral, Banana, Java, Light Sculpt, and Havana.The color selections are beautiful, i love all the highlight shades in this kit. The contour colors are almost identical in the light kit but i find the ‘light sculpt’ color is perfect for fair to light skin. The other two are a tad bit darker and i believe one is more of a dark ashy brown.



Left to right: Havana, Light Sculpt, Java, Banana, Neutral, Fair

 Cream contour is more of a process than the typical powder contour. There are more steps involved, as it requires plenty of blending into the skin to get that flawless glow. With a damp beauty blender, this will do the job. I found the formula is very blend-able  however some find it is difficult to blend. I suggest using a few drops of oil to blend, especially if you are more on the dry side. I believe this kit is perfect for all skin types. I also suggest setting it in with a powder. Anastasia also has the contour powder kit, so using both together will work beautifully. I simply love this kit!

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Vanessa Victoria 💋

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