Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

Hello friends!

Today I have a Bath & Body Works Candle Haul in store for you. I have been crazy obsessed with these candles lately, especially because of their semi annual sale. I love having candles in every room of my home and walking through the house sniffing these delicious scents.Their candles went down in price from $22.50 to $10 (Not sure how long they are doing this for). They also always have coupons so you can even save more, google! The burn time for these are about 25-45 hours.



I picked up the scents Mahogany Teakwood (MY FAVORITE), Honeysuckle, Oceanside, Tiki Beach, Beautiful day, Amsterdam Tulips & Windmills, Bow ties & Bourbon and fireside. I will briefly go over these candles and try to describe to you the scents and what not.


Honeysuckle another one I love! I usually don’t gravitate towards very sweet scents and while this one is a tad bit sweet its not harsh or overwhelming. I love how it’s soft yet you can still smell this walking by.


Oceanside is very fresh to me. I love fresh scents so this one is definitely worth a try. I feel like I am at the beach with this beautiful aroma.

Tiki Beach has hints of coconut, vanilla musk, and purple orchids to it.

Fireside is very woody. It has notes of leather, sandalwood, and rich amber. Great scent if you want something that smells like a fireplace.

Beautiful day I would say is a bit of sweet and fresh. It contains apple, daisies, and fresh pink peonies. It has a very nice scent and perfect for the spring time.

Amsterdam Tulips & Windmills is a floral scent. I actually love this one. Smells like fresh flowers!


Bow ties & Bourbon has an amazing scent, another one of my favorites. Its comparable to Mahogany Teakwood in the sense of both smelling like men’s cologne. However this one has dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon spirits.

Saved the best for last, Mahogany Teakwood! I literally burned through this candle in just 3 days because I could not resist the scent. To me it’s a musky scent and smells like men’s cologne. Turns out this beautiful scent comes from woods, lavender & geranium. Im disappointed that I didn’t get more of these while they were on sale, regardless this is a must-have in my home.

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Vanessa Victoria 💛

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