Glam up with the Glam Glow!

It’s  important to take good care of your skin. Anything from masks, treatments, serums, moisturizers and so on can do the skin wonders! Today I am reviewing the Glam Glow FlashMud Brightening Treatment ($69). I always like to give everything a test run for a few days to see if I actually like the product or not and give an honest review. So lets get right into it.


IMG_0530When applied to the face it goes on a white color, then as your skin absorbs the product it dries up clear. This is great to use as an exfoliator because of the exfoliating beads. I even used this product with the Clarasonic Mia 2 ($149) and got great results. The Glam Glow Flash Mud really lives up to its claims; it gives a radiant and brightening look, which in my opinion does a great job. What’s great about this product is you’ll see the results fairly quickly and if you have uneven skin tone you’ll definitely want to try it. I found that the Glam Glow has smooth out my skin as well as brightened! Thankfully, it also has a nice scent to it! This has to be my favorite Glam Glow masks from their line.

IMG_0538 2

If you guys are interested in trying this product Sephora has it now for double points with the Beauty Insider Rewards program till 1/18, so hurry!



Giving the Glam Glow some love!


Vanessa Victoria ❤


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