Simple Denim Style

So while I am new to the blogging scene, I am definitely no stranger to the fashion world. Fashion has always inspired me…from reading books to playing with colors and putting unique looks together. I even use to sketch out design ideas, they weren’t great… but I sure did enjoy doing them. Heck, there was even a point a few years back when I considered going to fashion school. But anyways now that you know my love of fashion I am excited to contribute my first fashion post to you all!


I debated whether to post these or wait for a better quality camera. Obviously I couldn’t resist and wanted to share. I put together a simple look using denim pieces. Now I truly wish I could link where everything is from but unfortunately everything but the denim vest and the shoes were purchased from a thrift store (I usually go to Platos Closet).

I got the vest from A’GACI. Looks like this will be gone soon, price went down to $5.99! I paid about $20 for this, definitely a good deal! Get it now while you can. Melissa Raw Edge Denim Vest

The shoes I got recently at Love Culture. They were on sale for only $9.99! A steal in my opinion. I wasn’t able to find the link but go on down to Love Culture and check it out! Ive linked a similar style that is also on sale now. Black Lace Up Leatherette Platform Booties

Also, my Lipstick is ‘Twig’ from MAC. Love this color! I kept my makeup very simple.

I hope only to inspire, remember Fashion should be fun…it is for me at least. I love getting all dressed up and doing my make-up, I’m sure all of us girls can relate to this. I also wanted to mention what a great time I had with my sister Lisa taking these shots. She made me laugh like crazy!  If you could only see the many horrible shots of me cracking up like some crazy hyena. Anyways, Leave comments below, I want to hear opinions! Also can any of you ladies recommend me a good Fashion read? I always love a good book!


Vanessa Victoria ❤


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