Flare Jeans + Baby Doll Jacket

Just the other day I went to Stache, a Bar in Ft. Lauderdale for my good friend Hector’s Birthday. I had such a great time with everybody and would recommend this place for anyone looking to have a good time in the area. Any chance I get I runaway for a quick little photo shoot. Im wearing this black long sleeve plunged crop top with high waisted blue jeans. I paired it with this red shoulder bag which I thought complemented the blue jeans quite nicely. It was also really cold here so the jacket kept me nice and warm and added a bit of edge to the look.


Get the Look:

Long sleeve black lace up v-neck ($9.90)- Forever21

Flare High-Waisted Jeans ($29.90) -Forever21

I wasn’t able to find the Jacket because it was given to me by my mom about a year ago. She told me she got it from Venus, an online store. The most similar I found from the store is linked below if you want to check it out. Faux leather flare Jacket ($79).

Black Lace Up Boots ($26.57)– Love Culture

All Jewelry from Forever21, as well as the bag which is over a year old. Similar style, Red Shoulder Bag ($24.90)

Hope you all enjoyed this look! Please share and leave your comments below (: I want to end this post with two shots I took of my best friend sharon. I loved her outfit and thought I would share my sharebear


Vanessa Victoria


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